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EAGO TB351 Review & Buying Guides

In this modern era, people are becoming very elegant about the interior of their house even more than their working place. Whether it’s about the interior of the house or working place we cannot but think about our toilet because a well-decorated toilet reflects your modern sense and how soured you are. EAGO TB351 Review is that kind of toilet that will help you to fulfill your personal requirements and to look at your toilet much modern and different from others.

The first look of a product is very important because if its look is not good enough then nobody will be interested to buy that product no matter how many features it has EAGO  TB351 has a sleek solid European design. Not only the great design it has some great features that make TB351 outstanding from other toilets.

Amazing Features of Eago TB351 Toilet 


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  • Slow and Soft Closing Seat: It has a slow and soft closing toilet seat that means it will not make any noise during closing the seat.
  • Dual Flush System: This toilet has two flushes, one button is for solid waste and another is for liquid waste.
  • Saves More Water: It consumes less water while flushing than other flushing toilets which not only better for you but also better for our world.
  • Fully Glazed: This toilet is fully glazed inside and out. So, it will look all the same like new for many years.
  • Plumbing Codes: It is compliant with standard plumbing codes of the US and also certified by cUPC.

Like every other toilet, TB351 has some pros and cons which will help you to understand if it will be more suitable than any other toilets for you or not. So let’s talk about it.


  • Powerful Flushing Valve: This toilet has a powerful and efficient 3” flushing valve which will help you to get rid of the problems of old ball-chain-flapper systems.
  • Wider Water Surface: It has a wider water surface which will be helpful for better cleaning and keep away the bad smell.
  • Large Fully Glazed trap: It has a 2” large fully glazed trap to flow the waste directly to the exit with just a single flush.
  • Water Distribution: This toilet is designed to distribute the water in a balanced way between an increased diameter and exit velocity.


  • Small Size: This toilet is small in size which only 26 inches deep so it is perfect for a small bathroom but not bad for the big bathroom too.
  • Installing Toilet Seat: It may be difficult to install the toilet seat for some buyers. So, before buying check the instructions it can be installed in your bathroom or not.
  • Installing Connecting Pipes: It is not actually a problem but if yours is tile floor or concrete. You will need a hammer drill and some instruments of masonry.

So, if you guys are reading till now then you guys are interested to buy that product and after having knowledge about features, pros and cons of TB351 you guys might have clear and proper views and ideas of this toilet. Now, we are going to give you guys some extra knowledge about how to install this toilet at your bathroom and to clean it in a proper way and it may encourage you to buy this product for your well-decorated bathroom.

Buying Guides EAGO TB351:

  • If you are an interested buyer then this information is for you, you will get 5 years limited warranty for all porcelain parts against stains or fades of the glaze.
  • You will get a 1-year warranty for a flushing mechanism and toilet seat.
  • This product is only shippable within the U.S. that means it’s not shippable internationally.

Though this unit does not make it to our best RV toilets guide, It still has some quality features. Let’s have a look.

How to install EAGO TB351:

Installing EAGO one-piece toilet is not a difficult task. Before installing this toilet in your bathroom first check out all the equipment if they have any kind of problems or damages or not. You should have known about the equipment to install the toilet properly. You will get whole instructions in the manual of the product. Here, we are giving you guys step by step instructions:

  • Install the flange and water supply valve
  • Mark installing holes
  • Install T# screw, mounting screw, and the connection pipe
  • Install water closet
  • Connect the water supply pipe and check the sealing performance
  • Check water refilling pipe
  • Install water closet seat

These are the steps to install the toilet in your bathroom in a perfect way without facing many problems.

The Eago toilet parts you should know

You are using Eago toilet, or on the way to make this decision- you should know all the spare parts they provide. It will help you to minimize your time and investment when making plans for bathrooms.

We’ve combined a short list about the parts and accessories of Eago toilets have:

  • Toilet seats – obvious part
  • Flushing levers
  • Seat bolts
  • Tank filling system for water filling
  • Entire Flushing system
  • Toilet tank lid of Ceramic
  • High-pressure hose
  • Mounding kit
  • Trap snorkel for 10” & 12” rough-in

To protect your budget from the extra expense, we’ve listed and presented ideas for you. You can select from them or not, but having knowledge never goes in vain.

About Eago toilet seat

When it comes to the ego toilet seats, users noted it as the best according to its features and functionality. Many of you may have a question about Eago toilet seats. And one thing to clear this is really a comfortable brand for toilet uses.

Eago all models ensure soft closing with a glazy lid. Many models provide a removable seat to use it conveniently. This is also helpful for cleaning the toilet from all the inner corners where the hand doesn’t reach to handle.

This brand marketed their toilets seats as not so high nor so low at height. Members of all ages can easily use and handle them, including kids.

How to clean :

After installing the toilet you will have to take proper care that means proper cleaning for having a great experience. Because if your toilet is not well cleaned then it does not matter how expensive and better toilet you are using. So, it’s necessary to keep your toilet cleaned and we are going to suggest to you how to clean your toilet:

  • As we mentioned before it has a powerful flushing system where you just have tap once to flow the waste so, you don’t need to worry about odor.
  • For cleaning stains or fades of inside and outside of the toilet you may use different liquid cleaners and it’s really up to you what type of cleaner you may use.

May the information mentioned above be helpful for keeping your toilet clean and it is not only important for hygiene but also for saving your soured in front of others.

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If you are reading this till now then we think you are really going to buy this product (Just kidding). Actually, we were talking about a modern toilet above which product may change your past toilet using experience. In this Smart toilet, you may get all the necessities that a person may expect. Besides having good looks, this toilet has some great features too which makes it unique from others. Though it’s a little bit expensive its features are more attractive to buy and use for a better experience.