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Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Height Toilet

In this modern age, we are getting facilities by using modern inventions. These modern inventions or products have made our life easier. We all are now very conscious about our lifestyle and we are always trying to lead a standard life. We are trying to make our house, working place, etc. more attractive and modern for a standard life. If we talk about our house then we must have to think about our bathroom.

In the past, we did not take the bathroom seriously to be decorated well, but nowadays we are also conscious of bathroom decoration. For decorating a bathroom perfectly, a great toilet is a very important part. Now, we are going to reveal a toilet for your bathroom which will help you to decorate your bathroom properly. Yes, we are talking about Kohler k 3810 0 reviews.which has some outstanding facts which will amaze you guys.

The very first thing of anything we notice is the look of that thing.  We can assure you that you will like this Kohler toilet when you will see it for the first time. The look of the toilet is quite standard and it is suitable for both your home and working place.

As we all may know that the bathroom is also considered as the reflection of our lifestyle. So, for decorating your bathroom, you must use a toilet with some great features and this Kohler toilet has some amazing features. After knowing the features, pros, cons and other information you may love the toilet more.


  • Design: The toilet has a sophistication of traditional design & it is also richly detailed.
  • Piece of toilet: It is a one-piece toilet.
  • Toilet bowl: This Kohler toilet has a large toilet bowl which will make you feel more comfortable while sitting.
  • Height: It has perfect height to sit on like a chair because it is made considering your comfort in mind. Adults also can sit on the toilet very easily.
  • Flushing system: The toilet has a gravity flushing system (It will use 1.28 gallons of water per flush).
  • Number of handles: The number of handles of this toilet is 1.
  • Material: The materials used in this Kohler toilet are Chinese materials.
  • Weight of the toilet: The weight of the toilet is 102 pounds.
  • Dimensions of the toilet: The dimensions of this toilet are 31 X 20.8 X 29 inches.
  • Colors: The toilet is available only in white color.

The outstanding features of this toilet may make you understand till now that this toilet is quite different from other conventional toilets and it is a perfect toilet for the bathroom of your house or working place.

We all know that everything has some good things and bad things too. Now, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of this Kohler toilet which will help you to have a clear concept about the toilet.


  • Gravity flush: In this toilet, gravity flush has been used to flow away the waste with the help of gravity.
  • Placement of handle or lever: The handle or lever of the toilet is placed in the left..
  • Easy to clean: The toilet has a good design which will help you to clean the toilet easily.
  • Water consumption: You will need less water for flushing comparing with other toilets.
  • Comfortable height: The toilet is manufactured with a comfortable height so that anyone can sit on it very easily even the adults.


  • Toilet seat: Some of the users of the toilet complain that the toilet seat is very cheap in quality.
  • Flushing system: You may face a problem with the flushing system which is said by some users.
  • Water leaking problem: Some users complain that the toilet has a water leaking problem.
  • Height problem: As we mentioned that the toilet has perfect height so, the taller people will not face any problem with this height but the short people may face problems.

We were discussing all the features, pros, cons of this Kohler toilet so that you guys have the needed information about this toilet.
Now, we are going to provide information about how to install this toilet. You need to know how to install this toilet in the bathroom perfect for having a comfortable experience if you are interested to use this Kohler toilet.

Buying Guides of Kohler k 3810 0 Santa Rosa Toilet

  • Let us inform you guys that you will get one year of warranty while buying this toilet.
  • This Kohler is available in white color.
  • You will get the only a toilet while buying this Kohler toilet which means you will not other accessories.
kohler 3810 toilet

The installation process of Kohler k 3810 0 Santa Rosa Toilet

  • Install T-bolts and a new wax ring of the toilet and remove the rag if the waste flange was plugged.
  • Then you may apply weight evenly and you should do not move after placement because you do so then the water-tight may be broken.
  • Install the washers and nuts of the toilet and remember that do not over-tighten.
  • If it is needed then you may cut off the T-bolt before installing the bolt cap of the toilet.
  • Tighten the tank bolts of the toilet then and do not over-tighten.
  • Adjust the tank bolts to the level tank of the toilet.
  • Then you should connect the water supply and you should turn on the water.
  • For checking, you may flush several times and you should also check for leaks.
  • You should adjust the water level of the toilet according to your needs.
  • At last, you may install the seat and tank lid of the toilet.

These were the whole steps of installing this Kohler toilet in your bathroom. We think that the installation process is not very difficult for you guys.

After installing this toilet in the bathroom of your home or working place, the next important thing is cleaning the toilet properly. If your toilet is not properly cleaned then it will be a home for germs. A dirty toilet is not good for health. Now, we are going to discuss how to keep your toilet clean.

How to clean this Kohler toilet
  • As we mentioned that the toilet has a great flushing system for flowing away all solid and liquid waste. So, users do not need to worry about waste.
  • You should clean the outside and inside of the toilet to make it look good and for that reason, we suggest that there are many renowned toilet cleaners in the market so you may choose one of them.

If you are interested to have this toilet in your bathroom then you should know some information to buy this toilet. Now, we are going to discuss the buying instructions of this Kohler toilet.

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Final words

Kohler k 3810 0 have some amazing features with its traditional design which makes it more interesting and attractive. This toilet has all the capabilities to change the look or the decoration of your bathroom. Despite all, this Kohler toilet is capable to change your toilet using experience and we can assure that you will be satisfied after using this toilet.

This toilet is very famous in the toilet industries. This toilet is small but it has big features and facilities which are enough to amaze anyone. You will get one year of warranty while buying this toilet. We know that this Kohler toilet has some cons but comparing with pros, these cons seem very little. We can assure you guys that this toilet will not disappoint you guys. If you love the name Kohler then you will also love this toilet.