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The Top 12 RV Toilets For Your Travel Needs

When you have got your perfect Recreational Vehicle (RV) that you are looking for years, you may think that now you can enjoy vacations more. You can go to any place at any time. However, there is still one problem and you cannot avoid that. Nothing can be more important than a bathroom emergency during your camping time. Therefore, it is really important that you have all the facilities for you and your family members. On a trip, a portable toilet is the best and one of the major things that you actually need. Today, we will talk about some of the best RV toilets on the market.

There are different types of portable toilets available, which type will be perfect for you will be your personal decision.  Below, we have found some best suggestions for you if you are looking for a portable RV toilet.

Palm Springs Outdoor 5 Gal Portable Outdoor Camping Recreation Toilet

Palm Springs Outdoor 5 Gal Portable Outdoor Camping Recreation Toilet

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To start our reviews for the best RV toilet, we will talk about this no assembly required portable toilet the Palm Springs Outdoor 5 Gal Camping Recreation Toilet. This product has got all the features for which it is one of the top listed products of the market.

The Palm Springs Outdoor 5 Gal Portable toilet can hold up to 3 gallons of freshwater and 5 gallons of wastewater. It has included two different tanks in its design and these two tanks are connected by a latch.  This Palm Springs portable toilet has a very comfortable and strong full-sized seat with a lid. There can’t any complaints about the seats. The full-size seat has made with quality construction with a durable matte finish. The height of the seat is approximately 16.5 inch which we think is comfortable for most of the people. There is no chance of leakage between the tanks. It has a double-sealed drain valve which prevents any kind of leak.

This portable toilet features a simple flush just like a normal toilet. You just need to press down the button to release freshwater.  Separating the waste tank of the toilet is also an easy task. You just need to unlock the plastic latches and the upper portion will be separated. All in all, this 17x16x14.1 inched RV toilet is a really great option for outdoor activities.


  • Full-size seat
  • Sturdy construction
  • Can hold a good amount of water


  • Need to flush multiple times to get rid of solids
  • Waste tank gets empty easily

Thetford Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Hand Flush Review

Thetford Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Hand Flush/High Profile/White 31667

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An outstanding performed RV toilet that comes as our second pick for the list is the Thetford Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Hand Flush.  This product is going to provide you the convenience and comfort that you want in your RV toilet. It has a classic style and can make your camping experience more enjoyable.

The very first thing to talk about the Thetford Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet is its redesigned flush system. Different from the other models this portable toilet’s flush can perform really better and can provide total cleaning. It gives a total owl cleaning with every flush and can clean almost 99% of all the stains. Besides the single handle flush system, this Thetford RV toilet has included a foot pedal flush system also. This means you are getting two options for flush so that you can go according to your comfort.

The Thetford Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet is a lightweight product, so you can easily carry it to any place. The installation part is also very easy where you do not need any extra hardware. Therefore, for outdoor activities, this portable toilet is going to be a great help. It has also a very high profile design that ensures maximum comfort for you. The seat comes at a great height, so you can easily seat on the bowl. This RV toilet is highly popular among people who have back or knee problems. With a simple function and great cleaning, this Thetford RV toilet is highly recommended from us.


  • Lightweight
  • Flushing works great
  • Easy to install


  • A little bit flimsy

Dometic 301097506 Portable Toilet

Dometic 301097506 Portable Toilet

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  • High-strength ABS construction
  • Tank level indicator
  • Push-button flush

Besides the traditional ceramic and polyethylene toilets, you can consider a portable one for your RV, and Dometic 301097506 is one of the best portable RV toilets you will find in the market. This is super easy to operate unit that will make your camping days much more hassle-free.

I really admire the craftsmanship behind this item as it strikes a delicate balance between ergonomics and aesthetics. The stylish appearance makes it a must-have if you are looking for a fashionable toilet for your RV. It’s not just pretty to look at; it can also serve you for a long time due to its durable build. No need to panic if you drop it from your hand; the ABS plastic construction capable of absorbing such shocks while the latching lid ensures the waste remains locked inside.

This model is a clear winner when it comes to flushing. With its one-touch flushing mechanics, the waste washes away quickly and eliminates the unpleasant odor. The pump system is very user-friendly, as well.

The toilet is lightweight and compact. You don’t need to find an ample space to store it as it can easily be kept under a bench in your RV.


  • Aesthetic design.
  • Lightweight and small.
  • 5-gallon waste storage tank.
  • One-push flush button.
  • Ideal for kids.


  • Scratch and stain prone.
  • Noisy pumps.

Thetford Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush /High Profile / Parchment – Thetford 31672  

Thetford Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush /High Profile / Parchment - Thetford 31672

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Another Thetford product that makes it to our list is the Thetford Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush 31672 model. This model of the Thetford portable toilet features almost all the same things that we have talked about for the previous model. Still, why it is on our list? Because there are some minor changes between these two models, but we think both are worth a try.

First of all, this higher toilet is really easy to install. However, a little problem that many people faced was the confusion about the size of the hose. You need to get the faucet hook up, not the typical toilet hookups to set this product. Once you figured out this, the rest of the part of the installation is quite easy.

The Thetford Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush/High Profile comes in a classic design with a 17-1/2 in seating height. As the name suggested a high profile, it is really suitable for a taller person. Unlike the previous model, it has a single-pedal system for the flush. If you press the pedal halfway then it will add new water, and if full then it will flush the whole bowl. We think the best feature of this Thetford RV toilet is how well it can clean up the whole bowl.

Another great thing about this portable toilet is that it includes a package that provides all the necessary items you require to use, like caps, nuts, screws and new seals. Overall, this light-weighted product is surely going to be a great purchase for any camper.


  • Great flush
  • Really easy to install


  • The height could be a little better
  • Toilet seat is not that much suitable for adults

Thetford Corp White 92820 Porta Potti 365

Thetford Corp White 92820 Porta Potti 365

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  • Modern design
  • Exclusive, rotating pour-out spout
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Standard lid latch

This is another good option for you if you are looking into portable toilets. Porta Potti 365 can rival the best RV toilets in terms of comfort, convenience, and durability.

This unit is excellent to use in places where you won’t have any access to water and electricity. So besides your RV, you can also use it in your cabins, trucks, and boats. It might take a little while before you get used to handling it, but once you do get the hang of it, it becomes a breeze to use.

This can be operated without electricity as it has a battery-powered flush. The flushing mechanism requires minimal water but ensures a thorough rinse. The freshwater water tank can store as much as 4 gallons, which should keep you covered for a couple of days.

One of the most important aspects of a portable toilet is its insulation system that ensures the wastewater won’t leak and make your life miserable on the road. The sealed valve of the Porta Potti 365 keeps the waste and odor at bay.

Cleaning it is a walk in the park, to say the least. The pour-out sprout comes off easily and provides a smooth path into the dumping station.


  • Uncomplicated cleaning process.
  • Carrying handle for better portability.
  • Delivers powerful flushes despite thrifty water use.
  • Stylish design.



Dometic 300 Series Standard Height Toilet  

Dometic 300 Series Standard Height Toilet

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No list for the Best RV Toilet would be there without a few names from the Dometic series. This brand has many models that are more or less very popular among users. One of their best models of RV toilet is the Dometic 300 Series Standard Height Toilet.  This smart range of 300 series portable toilets comes at a very affordable price. Considering the price we think this is one of the best full-sized portable toilets.

The Dometic 300 Series RV toilet has a residential-style in its design. This means while using this product you will just feel like your home toilet. As the name suggested, it comes in a standard height so it is not something designed for a taller person but it won’t be any problem for them to use it. It has a flush pedal system which is quite efficient with every flush.  The flush is really easy to use and can perform much better than many hand flushing system.

One great thing about this Dometic product is, you can actually adjust the water level in the bowl. This gives you more ease while cleaning the toilet. The installation part of this portable toilet is also quite simple. It features a two-bolt quick installation. However, if you are planning to use it on a wood frame pedestal then it will be difficult to use the toilet.  The Dometic 300 series offers two-year protection along with warranty just like their other models. We think, even in this price range offering two-year protection is really a good deal.


  • Efficient pedal flush system
  • Good design with comfort
  • Good value of money


  • Can have issues of leakage
  • Seat is small

Thetford Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Hand Flush/High Profile/White 31667  

Thetford Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Hand Flush/High Profile/White 31667

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Yes, we do realize that we are talking about Thetford again and again. That is because all of these models from Thetford are the popular RV toilets in the market. Thetford offers amazing ranges of products with different prices and features. Therefore, to add to our list for the RV toilets, another model from them is the Aqua Magic model 31667.

This particular model comes in an attractive design and in white color. It has two size options, one High Profile with a 17-1/2 inch height and another Low Profile one with 12-15/16 inch seat height. No matter for which size you are going both provide the same kind of performance.

Just like their other models, the best part of using this Thetford Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet 31667 is that it is really lightweight. It even weighs lighter than its other versions, only 7.4 pounds. So you can understand how easy it will be to carry out this product to different places.

Now it can be a little problem for many people as most of the portable toilets don’t include a hand sprayer. Thetford works on this and to reduce water consumption this toilet can be fitted with a hand sprayer. Therefore, it is perfect to wash down your hands. All in all, in a great price range you are getting a simple yet super convenient product.


  • Easy to carry and install
  • Gives full bowl coverage


  • Made of plastic which is not that much durable
  • The inside part is really hollow

Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet, White  

Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet, White

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6th on our list of the Best RV Toilet is another Dometic product and it is from their 310 series. This model is another must buy from the Dometic model with lots of great features.

The Dometic 310 Series comes in standard height. These 310 series has three different designs. There is a low profile one, one standard height with a hand spray and a low profile with hand spray. There are also choices for color; you can choose either white or bone. So, there is obviously a design which will meet your requirements.

The great part of any Dometic model especially this 310 series is the installation part. It is really an effortless work when comes to install this portable toilet. In our test, it takes only 25-30 minutes to install the whole thing. This can make your camping or any other outdoor experience less stressful.

The Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet has included a strong pedal flush system. Now there are many other RV toilets that come with the pedal flush but most of them don’t last for a long time. However, this one is really strong and the flush is also quite good to clean out the whole bowl.

This bowl of this portable toilet is made of high porcelain, not like other cheap plastic material which will break just after a few uses. So, one thing that you can be sure about this product is that both the flush and seat is very much sturdy, so there are no worries about falling out. The seat height is 18’’ which is the standard size of most of the home toilets. So, you are going to feel really comfortable while using this product.  We think this is a highly recommended product.


  • Great height
  • Best if someone has knee problems
  • Good flushing system


  • The toilet seat is made of plastic
  • It is not suitable for someone with a heavyweight

Dometic 320 Series Standard Height Toilet, White 

Dometic 320 Series Standard Height Toilet, White

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From the Dometic brand, we will suggest you the 310 or 300 series, but we cannot deny the fact that there is another series of product which may not be the best of the market, but quite good in its performance and product quality. The Dometic 320 Series Standard Height Toilet also has three different options, but among these two does not come with a hand spray. So we think most of the users actually prefer the standard height with hand spray one.

The Dometic 320 series RV toilet comes in a residential size. It has a deep bowl, which is missing in many models. This also has two color options and made of vitreous ceramic. The ceramic gives you a home feeling while using the toilet.

This is another portable toilet in the best porcelain RV toilet that has a pedal flush system; situated at the side of the toilet. If you want to add water then you have to press it halfway and if you want to clean the bowl fully then you have to press it fully. Applying the exact pressure according to your needs can be a little problem for some people. But after a few uses, you can easily cope up with the flushing system. Rather than a front pedal, a side pedal is more easy to use and there is no chance of scraped toes anymore.

It features a two-bolt installation system which is quite simple and easy to do. Moreover, we think this could be a really good option for someone with a little bit of extra weight and also good for a taller person.


  • All the necessary gaskets are included for installation
  • Really comfortable
  • Full rim flush


  • Expensive than the other Dometic series
  • The elongated shape is a little problem

Dometic 320 Series Low Profile Toilet, Bone

Dometic 320 Series Low Profile Toilet

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Dometic 320 is one of the best portable toilets for your RV, which packs convenience and comfort at a very reasonable price. Thanks to its marvelous build and features, the Dometic 320 series toilet offers you the coziness of a residential toilet in your RV. It’s broad, ceramic-made bowl and enamel-coated wooden seat give you a level of coziness that can be rarely found in other RV toilets.

It comes in a variety of sizes to make sure you can do your business without having to worry about the toilet water spilling onto your body. You can sit on the toilet without having to worry about feeling cramped and uncomfortable.

Durability is another strong suit of this toilet. It’s made of long-lasting ceramic that gives the toilet a glamorous look besides keeping the exterior damage-free for years to come.

The flush system is also all-covering and convenient. Just press the one-directional foot pedal, and the pressurized water stream will rinse every corner of your toilet effectively.


  • Standard household size.
  • Comfortable wooden seat.
  • Gorgeous ceramic bowl with adequate depth
  • Takes up only one pint of water per flush
  • Rim design prevents spills.
  • Convenient foot pedal gravity flush system


  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • Spacious bowl and enameled wooden seat.
  • Foot pedal for easy and effortless flushing.
  • Takes less than 10 minutes to install.
  • Fits in a compact space.
  • Splash-proof design.
  • 360-degree rim wash.


  • The bone color toilet comes with white spare parts.

Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet

Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet (41541)

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If you are someone who hadn’t used any RV toilet yet, then we think this Camco 41541 portable toilet will be a great choice for you. First of all, this RV toilet weighs only 11 pounds, so for beginners, it will be really easy to carry. The size is also super compact so you can easily fit it into any vehicle.

However, the weight and the size of the product are not only the things that we have liked. The Camco 41541 model is made of durable polyethylene. This material provides you a comfortable feeling while you are sitting. The height of the seat is standard, so it will go with most of the average height people.

The best part of the Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet is that it has an integrated flush that is capable to hold 2.5 gallons of fresh water. Obviously, there is another tank where it can hold 5.3 gallons of wastewater. This water amount is really great. Furthermore, each flush uses the right amount of water so there is no wastage of fresh water. If you are going for a family vacation or a tour of 3-4 friends then this one portable toilet will be perfect for everyone.  And by any chance, if you are going for a backpacking tour then it will last for a couple of weeks without any concern.

Last but not the least; it has a waste disposal tablet that can easily dissolve the waste. This Camco product is highly recommended for us.


  • Best in terms of water capacity
  • No odor issue


  • Weighs heavy when it is full
  • Around the flush valve, it leaks after several uses

ZIMMER Comfort Portable Toilet 5 Gallon Capacity

ZIMMER Comfort Portable Toilet 5 Gallon Capacity

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To wrap our reviews for RV toilets we are going to talk about a different brand and thus as our last and final pick, we bring you the ZIMMER Comfort Portable Toilet. This multiple uses toilet is going to make your vacation time easier. It is also a great product if you want to use it for the elder people of your family.  It is perfectly suitable for both adults and kids.

The water capacity of this outdoor toilet is also something to talk about. It has two tanks; the freshwater tank can hold 3 gallons whereas the water holding tank can carry 5 gallons of water. There is a pump attached to this toilet. It can easily perform 50-70 flushes and after that, you have to refill the fresh water. Moreover, these two tanks can be easily separated. Both of the tanks have removable caps so that you can have a trouble-free experience.

The flush button of this Zimmer Comfort portable toilet is on one side. On the other side, there is the refill mouth. It measures 16.5’’x13.5’’x12’’. So overall the design is okay and pretty simple. To make it more convenient while carrying and storing it comes with a handle. This Zimmer RV toilet is the finer outdoor toilets, if not the finest that you can surely go for.


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Easy to carry
  • Durable


  • Can receive damaged goods if purchase online
  • Smells odd

We also have a detailed review on EAGO TB351 in case if want to check that out.

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Buying Guide for RV Toilets


Being acquainted with different types of RV toilets gives you the chance to make an educated decision when you are trying to choose the perfect toilet for your RV, boat, or getaway cabin. Here is a brief introduction to the most common types of RV toilets.

  • COMPOSTING TOILET: If you are an eco-tourist or concerned about the well-being of Mother Nature, a composting toilet will be the best RV toilet for you. Composting toilets are a waterless comfort station that comes with two different tanks to separate the liquid and solid waste. Since the two don’t mix with each other, no foul smell is generated here, and you can dump the solid waste on a compost bin or a compost bag. The liquid tank can simply be emptied on a sewer, or the liquid can be diluted for use as fertilizer.
  • GRAVITY FLUSH: Gravity flush toilets are the most common type of toilets we use in our daily lives. The mechanism is very straightforward; pulling the flush lever allows water from the freshwater tank to enter the bowl and clear out the contents. The water stream carries the waste into the wastewater compartment, which can be unloaded when convenient.
  • UPFLUSH TOILETS: Upflush toilets aka macerating toilets, are different from other toilets in the way that the excreta do not directly travel to the holding tank. It goes through a set of macerating blades that reduces the solid waste to a slurry substance that is easier to store and dump.
  • VACUUM FLUSH: Vacuum toilets use a suction force in tandem with the water flow to remove the waste. It requires minimal use of water but will cost you more than other toilets.
  • CASSETTE TOILETS: Cassette toilets have detachable holding tanks that can be taken off to dispose of the waste into a dumping station.
  • PORTABLE TOILETS: Portable toilets can be taken anywhere you go as they don’t need permanent installation. The best portable toilets for RV are compact and can be disassembled for carrying purposes.


RV toilets can be a lifesaver on the go. Yes, you can always squat outdoors when you are stationed at a camping site or use roadside facilities when you are driving, but there’s no guarantee that you won’t have a sudden urge to have to relieve yourself in the middle of nowhere! Having a small RV with a toilet and shower can make your on-road lifestyle much easier and convenient. You can enjoy both the comfort and privacy of your home by choosing to install a toilet in your RV. Besides recreational vehicles, these toilets can also be used in boats and cabins.

Now, as we have already talked about several products we will now discuss more deeply that how you can get the perfect product from the market. There are several things that you have to consider before you buy. In this section of our article, we will talk about those. So, let’s look at some of the important factors that you should look at while buying an RV toilet.


One of the major issues about portable toilets should be the size. Yes, in this case, size matters a lot. First of all, it needs to be compact so that it can fit into your vehicle. On the other side, it should be enough large where you can seat properly. Therefore, you have to make a balance between these two aspects where you can easily carry and it will provide you enough comfort.


Along with size, another criterion that needs to look after is the height of the toilet. In our review, you will there are some models that come in a standard height that means the same as your home toilets. We think those are always a safe option if you are not looking for something specific. If you are only buying one which will be used by kids then you can easily go for a small one. But if it is going to be used by both adult and kid then you need to be careful about the height of the seat.

Flushing System

Earlier there was only one option where you have to use disposable bags, but now when there are so many options with a great flushing system there is no meaning to go for disposal bags. It may sound weird, but in reality, a good flush can actually make your vacation more enjoyable. When you don’t have to worry about cleaning the bowl, again and again, you can easily your time more. Moreover, there are now many models where there is even a pedal flush system which we think is more convenient to use.

Travel Period

The time duration of your travel is an important factor that needs to be considered. Going for a one day trip and going for a weekly trip is obviously requiring different preparations, right? If you are going for a longer period then you may need some additional supports. Like extra waste tanks and extra fresh water. According to your comfort and time period, you need to take preparation. Then again you also have to think about the area you are going to. If it is a remote area and you are going to stay for a long time then again you should pay attention to the water reservoir.If you want to buy a portable toilet or camping toilets and read the full review and buying guides so it takes you to help the best camping toilets.

Waste Disposal

Most of the portable toilets nowadays have a separate waste tank with an attached spout or chute. This spout can be opened to dump all the wastewater into your home toilet. So, you can see this spout can make your life and travel time so much easier. Moreover, there is also an option where you can turn this liquid waste into solid and then transfer it into biodegradable bags. Just remember, managing waste disposal should be always in your concern whenever you are going to buy one.


Unsurprisingly, RV toilets need proper maintenance to keep them hygienic and odor-free, just like the household ones. Cleaner for RV toilets is mainly referred to as RV toilet chemicals, which are basically a combination of helpful bacteria and enzymes that can chemically decompose the waste material inside the holding tank and also sanitize your toilet bowl. This leads to effortless dumping and prevents clogging. RV chemicals also play a crucial role in extinguishing foul smell.

Conventional toilet systems carry the waste to a remote dumping location through municipal sewage pipes. As the feces and urine get far away from your home, it also takes away most of the stench with it. However, in RV toilets, the waste stays close in the holding tank, so extra steps are often necessary to take to handle the odor issue-here is where RV toilet chemicals come in.

Best RV toilet chemicals for breaking down waste can be found in three distinct forms.

  • Powders
  • Liquids
  • Tablets

Ease of Use

We have seen so many products which have solid construction but still not well enough. The main reason for that is those are not easy to use. No matter how long it is going to serve you but if it is something that is hard to use then the durability becomes meaningless. While reviews the top picks for portable toilets the simplicity and ease of use were one of the major issues we have looked for. Moreover, installing the toilet is also an important concern.

RV Toilet Installation

With most of the RV toilets, the installation part won’t be a big problem for anyone. The whole installation part needs around 30-50 minutes. What are the things you need for RV installation? Let’s find out.

  1. The installation kit
  2. Wrench
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Some old towels and papers
  5. Rags

Each and every portable toilet has its own installation system written on their packet. You just need to follow these steps. But if you are planning to replace your RV toilet then you need to do some other things. Firstly, turn off all the water lines and then clean the bowl. By using rags dry out the bowl. Unscrew the nuts and bolts which are holding down the toilet. Next, there is a hose back of the toilet then you need to disconnect.  Now lift your old toilet and replace it with your new one. Use the new one’s installation kit to install it. Make sure you are not over-tightening the nuts and bolts. Again re-attach the hose and lastly open the water lines.


  • Which brands are most-trustworthy when it comes to RV toilets?

There are some excellent RV toilet brands that you can trust to go for. The most popular brands are Thetford, Dometic, Nature’s Head, and Camco.

  • Are there special toilet papers for RV toilets?

Yes, there are dedicated toilet papers for RV toilets. These are different from other toilet papers as they are designed to dissolve faster to avoid clumps in the toilet’s septic system.

  • Is it necessary to use RV toilet papers?

No. Many users reported standard non-RV tissue papers to work just fine. However, it’s utterly down to personal preference. The best RV toilet papers will cost you extra dough, but it will ensure the safety of your toilet.

  • Can I use an RV toilet at home?

It’s unusual, but yes, it’s possible to install an RV toilet at home. Hook it up with sewage pipes, and you are good to go.

  • How do you fix a clogged RV toilet?

In most of the cases, toilet papers clog up the toilet in your RV. Open the valve and try pouring some hot water down the pipe. It will disintegrate toilet papers if there are any in the pipeline. You can also buy special toilet formulas that can free up your toilet, but make sure they are compatible with your toilet.

  • How to Clean an RV Toilet?

We are trying to make this article an all in one informative article about RV toilets and therefore, we cannot miss out on these important issues. Just like your other activities on a trip, cleaning your portable toilet is also an important task to do. Only when you know how to clean your RV toilet in effective ways then you can actually enjoy your vacation time. So how you can clean your RV toilet? Let’s find out the best toilet bowl cleaner. Check it out our top 3 picks.

There are some simple steps you need to follow whenever you are going to clean your portable toilet. The basic things that you will need to do are, wearing gloves while cleaning and then cleaning the inside of the bowl with effective cleaners, scrubbing inside and outside of the toilet with a brush and then flushing the toilet. These are some steps that you need to do even for cleaning your normal home toilet.

Apart from these steps, there are few things to do especially for an RV toilet. Firstly, repair your toilet seal. This seal is actually the main part that keeps the water in your portable toilet. Even it helps to keep the bad odor on the waste tank. Therefore you have to pay attention to it. Whenever it gets dried out or hardened you have to repair it. You can do this by applying some plumber’s grease which will again lubricate the seal.

Secondly, for RV toilet users cleaning the holding tank sensor is another important thing to do. Holding tank sensors are sensitive and it can give you false readings. If it is not working properly you need to reset it. What happens, maybe there is something which is lodged in your tank, so you need to remove that. For that, you can use a few trays of ice cubes and when these ice cubes will melt that will clean the inside part.

Lastly, always use RV friendly toilet paper rather than normal toilet paper. One of the major problems while cleaning RV toilets can be clogged with toilet paper and then it can create many other problems. You can easily avoid this by using a more easily dissolved toilet paper.


This concludes our article about the best RV toilet. We have tried to talk about every important aspect that you need to know about RV toilets. The products we have reviewed are some of the best options which we highly recommend. However, there can be an exception and you may find your perfect one even out of these suggestions. A portable toilet or a normal toilet is something really personal, so it may vary from person to person. Another important thing to note, we have not ranked our reviews, so you can actually go for any of those if you want.

We have another article- Complete guide about How to Clean RV Toilet. You have found all the important information on how to clean RV toilet

We hope we have helped you by providing valuable information about RV toilets. Our main goal was to help you to make your purchase decision and to inform you about some of the important facts about portable toilets.